How To Deal With An Escort?

When you are getting the escort at your office or home, ensure that you have provided the basic necessities. Remember not to invite the girl if there is no air conditioning, running water or furniture. If these things are not available in your home, you should book the place where they are.

  • Don’t have someone who is not participating nearby

You may want to show your friends the girl you just booked, but it is not something enjoyable for the escort to run into a house full of boys even if they may decide to leave at once. Some girls will not want to be near drunken boys, attendees who will keep up banging the doors, ringing of the phones or people checking on her through the crack of the door. You should arrange the date when you are sure that the boys are not going to be around and if they are going to be around, ask the escort if she does not object. If you have babies around, you should get a babysitter or arrange where they should be taken even if they may be too young to understand what it is going on.

  • Don’t turn the escort into a criminal

You should not ask the escort to bring the drugs over since this is what the cops do when they want to bust escorts and drug dealers at once. You should not try to arrange with the girl to tell her agency that you had canceled, but still come to visit you. This is dangerous to her since none will be aware of where she is and she will be putting her job at risk.

  • Keep the fingers away of the body

The girls do not like people inserting the fingers in their private parties. If this is what you want to get, then ask politely and make sure that the fingers are cleaned while the nails are trimmed down.

Do not try to ask to do it without a condom: if you ask an escort if you can do it without a condom, then know that this is the most infuriating thing that you can do since you look stupid to her.

  • Be aware of the limits

If you have hired the girl to do a job, this does not mean that she turns into the slave. If she says that she is not willing to do something, then do not force her to do so. If she does not give the home telephone or if she does not give the phone number, you should respect this. Treat the girl as a professional but not as a naïve girl that you can coerce to do something she does not like. If the girl thinks that she is in danger, she can leave with the money so it is you who will be at loss.

You should always try to use the common sense and view the escort as you may view any other businesswoman. When you do this, you will be assured of the best time.

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