How Much Do Escorts Make?

When it comes to how much the escort makes, you have to know that everything will depend on different things. It is not easy to get the answer about how much the escort makes. In the big cities such as New York and in the cities where many people go to vacation as Las Vegas, you can make enough money compared to other layback cities. It is also easy to make more money if you look attractive.

  • Unsuccessful escort

Some escorts may start the business when they are broke and they do not have enough money to advertise themselves. They do not work for the agency and they do not have enough time to invest into the business. It can also be a problem if they also have a restricted menu and they are not that attractive. These are women who may make 1000 dollars up to 3000 dollars every month. They are just getting by and they do live within these limited means.

  • Average escort

The average escort can make starting at 5000 up to 8000 dollars every month. When you do some basic math, then you are going to find out that she is charging 300 every hour and she can see up to 7 clients each week. If she has to spend 1000 dollars on the advertising each month, then she makes 7000 dollars each month. The average escorts can have good month and bad month. The bad month is 4000 up to 5000 while the good month is 7000 dollars up to 8000.

  • Super Star escort

Some escorts can make up to 30,000 every month and in some months they even make more if they have a rich and regular client. However, an escort cannot enter into the business in one day and expect to start making such money. She can start at the bottom and then rise to reach at the top.

As any other job, there are different factors to take into consideration like services, clientele and location. The girls who are ready to go beyond the normal, they may be given more than these who offer standard services. Some escorts may also choose to work some weeks or some evening and not every day. Some escorts can make up to 20k per month.

Some people join the job just to make money so that they can be able to pay the bills and they only enjoy making few extra to enjoy with friends. This helps them to enjoy the job more and they can work only when they feel alright and they do not feel as if it is a chore that they are forced doing.

When it comes to the money, you can decide to charge depending on what you are worth. You can find some girls that offer the services of 60 dollars for the car dates as far as they offer the full services. However, every service is not about sex since there are other things to consider. The escort can dance on bachelor party, tour guide or attend a divorce party so sex can be the last thing on the escorts mind.

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